Youtube is a nice place to put my works. Well, actually I just knew that the day of video publication is the day when I make my video 'Public', but nevermind. However, it's too nice and clean (from the side of the term of use and guidance) while crowded and chaos (from the content). Youtube is such a good boy, no porn, no violence, etc, while it disagrees with the way of ex-negativo: like we provide something bad to make something good. Yet, no! No violence is the must.


I see some girls are too shy to dance, don't know why.

I'm 50% sure that I always dance every morning in my 20. While sometimes I imagine that when I'm 60, after all of my works, I will play a nice turntable in my front room. Then, I and my partner dance like we're young.

Eh, Girls, take a look at this!

Aren't they cool?

I know that having a partner is quite tough for me, like, I still don't get it what makes Summer decided to get married. To have a perfect soul and perfect body as a partner is most people's dream, who intelligently qualified, lots of money to pay bills, and can build happiness in any way. But as Tom finally realised that, we can't always see only what makes us happy, only the good scenes. Lately, I realised. Yet, twisting on your boots or heels is always the best!

Started to utilize unused audio from my unintended interviews -- well, it was not very unintended actually -- I make it into music (only if you call it 'music'). So here, I give you the non-aesthetic music I uploaded to Soundcloud.

You can also listen to the other tracks.

From 2012, I had already uploaded some tracks on my Soundcloud. My first track on my page, at that time, was me playing with some loops. I also had uploaded some poems. But I deleted all of those. About 5 months ago, I rebuild my page. I collect any sound from the internet and I make such kind of audio collage. Recently, to maximize my discourse producing sounds, I make visual addition and uploaded it to my Youtube channel.

Here I tell you a bit of my life story related to my progress of making pictures. As you can see, I don't make any improvement in my 8 years making stuff. Poor me.

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