Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Blank White Paper

I had shared a lot of my stories until I decided to delete them.

It has been a long time from I started my blogging story. I started it when I was in Elementary School in 2009 by posted some photos of my favourite musician and some copy-paste articles. The motivation is simple: I wanted to put a website on my Facebook profile, at that time. Yeah, I just wanted to have a website.

I learned not just how to post blogs, but how to costumize the design of my blog. How to put Facebook Profile Widget or Clock and Fish-Feeding Widget. At this time I knew and little bit learned about HTML and its friends.

Can you imagine how proud I was at that time having a blog? When my friends just posted Status at their Facebook and played Ninja Saga or at least Point Blank, I was blogging. But now, I just realize that that is just an overproud and I think I do not need to be. It just something common for an Elementary Student having blog.

Then, I deleted my first blog. I do not know why is the reason I did it. I made my blog again in 2012. At that time, Twitter was booming in Indonesia and some people on Twitter inspired me to do blogging again.

You know how a Junior High School kid, at the labile condition, follows his inspiration. I tried to write comedy-blog. I showed it to my friends and they gave a good reaction, laugh. Until I have a big dream, too much big, to publish a comedy book. Haha. Dumb me!

"You do not have a good skill of writing enough, Adhy. Bury your dream!"

Third Grade of Junior High School to Senior High School was the time I really love to did art. Pencil Sketch or Digital Art. I posted my artwork on my blog and also told how it was made and the story of it. At that time, I hoped I could be a good visual artist blogger. But no, I can not. Nobody put his attention to my blog.

My previous blog was filled with a lot of random things. Maybe, that is the reason I deleted it.

Now, as I grow old, and I hope wiser, I want to do blog just for me. I do not really care about being famous, a lot of traffics, or monetizing. I just want to write and share my stories. I do not care if you do not care my stories.

I start this storytelling again from this blank white paper.

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