Saturday, 21 January 2017

I Do Not Think It Such A Good Start

Rejected by Art and Design Faculty of Bandung Institute of Technology, twice. Rejected by Visual Communication Design of Sebelas Maret University, three times. Rejected by Visual Communication Design of Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta.

Now, I am studying in Englsih Education Department.

It was not a big confusion to chose whether Fashion or Islam Education that I had accepted before. Although I never toke too long and had a good plan to decide to choose what I do now.

As a not-too-English student -I did not listen to west music or watch Hollywood movies, moreover speak- when I chose this department, I thought that it would be that hard. But no more time or reasons to find another path to get what I want; something related to Art. Even though there was one choice: doing nothing for a year waiting for next enrollment.

And, I was officially wrong. This department not too bad as I thought before. Some of my frineds fell the same feeling as mine: accepted in their second choices or not their priority. At least I am not alone.

The fisrt lecture is Listening. It was not too bad. About four meetings, we studied about vowel. Differentiate between short I and its long, short U and its long, and something. And then stress, number and alphabet, and name. 

It was challenging when I studied name. It is okay if I listen to Indonesian name such as Bambang, Siti, Joko as I familiar with them, but it was Ms. Leeds, Mr. Green, or Mrs. Grace. Something for you to imagine that I have a lecturer from the USA, his name is Mr. Sean. Maybe, some of you think it will sound /siːn/ or /seʌn/ but it is /ʃɒn/.

The second lecture is Pronunciation. I studied something like how to say Ball and Bowl, Love and Laugh, or Shit and Sheet. But it more learnt the phonetics and some agreement than the speaking. Indeed the first grade. 

The third lecture is Speaking. Like I have told before about the lecturer from the USA, Mr. Sean is the lecturer for this Speaking Class. I learnt how to introduce myself, getting direction, survival planning, giving suggestion, and something. I thought that Speaking would be the most challenging lecture and yes it happened. I do not know exactly, I am just not so confidence with it, maybe.

And then, the next lecture is something I usually learnt, I have learnt Reading and Writing from Elementary School, maybe. 

I do not know why school just focused on Reading and Writing. Just because to face the exam? I do not think so. Daily and Semester exam, none of them testing the Speaking and Listening capability. Listening and Speaking is just about 20% in class activity, the rest is just theory of verb and the structure of sentence. Because of that thing, maybe, I do not so familiar. All I know is just doing an exam and eat all the paper test.

Ah, they just passed. Now I just got my score, not too bad but still can not achieve my target. I also want to continue this thing I learn. I learn English because I (still) want to learn everything. 

It is not a good start, maybe, but not the process and the goals

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