Recalling Attitude in Class

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Get used to Smile, Greet, and Polite
"Be ready!" - "Let's pray!" - "Enough!" - "Greet please!"
A command from one of student in class. The wave spreads to every corner of room and jars the three ear bones of all students in the room. I miss it.
From the kindergarten until senior high school, I always met this thing; a ceremonial before the class is begun. I do not know it is a part of curriculum given from Ministry of Education or just something called culture before the beginning of class. Something I know, I do not meet this missable thing in college.

Kindergarten, I used to make two rows with classmate then our teacher chose a row that more straight than the other one. In class, first we did some kind of dance and it finished with two hands folded on the table. Then we did greeting and pray together.

Elementary, until third grade, I still made rows in front of the class before entering it. Something I remember is nail inspection. The student who has dirty and too long nails could not enter the class, so the teacher gave them clipper to cut theirs and let them enter after their nails is already good.

Junior and Senior High School. We did not make rows in front of the class before entering anymore but still doing that kind of ceremonial.

Some of students also do "Thank" ceremonial after the end of class. 

In college, I do not know why, I can not meet it. We do not have that greeting ceremonial anymore. We just enter than sit down waiting for the lecturer. It just can happen if we are not late. If student comes late, he just knocking the door, open the door, coming and then sit down. Something missed if this scenario happened in senior high school; Salim (shake hand then put the older backhand on some area of the face). 

Salim, in senior high school, is such a something common to do. It is a manner. If teacher walks down the lane while we are sitting there, we stand up and do Salim. That does not happen in college. Maybe because lecturer looks too rush or look like a stranger for the student.

The ceremonial. If it considered not relevant to do because of age, I am not sure if student and lecturer do pray before the class. Salam or greeting still exist, of course not because of command from one of students in class anymore but the lecturer did first and the student just answered it.

The picture above -that taken in one of the buildings of my high school- shows that Smile, Greeting, and Being Polite is already existed before that command to get used doing that thing. So it such a culture of ours. I do not know if that culture is not relevant anymore to do in the college area. In spite of the ceremonial. Or maybe just the ceremonial that just not relevant anymore.

Something in my point is; I think we do not need that kind of ceremonial anymore, we are getting older and do not like "chit chat" again. But "Do we still pray before class, or we just wait until a bad-mystic thing just happened and make us remember to do that?" or "Do we still smile when we meet lecturer, or anyone, and greet them, or wait until we have a need with them?" or "Do we still apologize if we come late?" and "Do we thank our lecturer?" Is not that is the essence of the ceremonial?

It is an attitude. It is our culture. You decide!

Note: I just observe my class, not yours. 
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