Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rokumpet: Responding The Space of Playing

As a film work, I think it's not a so good film.

In a densely populated area, one of its problems is space for playing. I tried to raise this issue to my script. I hoped that viewers do not just get the issue of space of playing, but they may relate the "space" word with the other issues from the other perceptions. 

We reserve the rights to space and should seize it. Even though sometimes the weaker one must give the way to the stronger and compromise.

Morality and hypocrisy are the other issues in today's modern era. Lust and the other needs could start the conflict and people may do anything to get what they want even interfere with the rights of others. That is the reality.

In this script, I tried to make classes of perception. The first is viewers may just get the kids' conflict. The second is viewers may realize there is something in the room. And the third is may viewers get the issues of gender, space for doing something and working, and the conflict of needs.

I tried to make this script as simple as possible because we don't have a lot of crew and times (in fact that we just did this work for 3 hours). The most simple is the shot and the playing area that is never panned for 90 degrees left and right. We made it so narrow. And I think it's relevant to the issue.

So here is our simple work. 
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