Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Subjective of Vandalism

Marc Jacobs' store was vandalized by Kidult. Then he made and sold products that show his vandalized front wall store.

The main meaning of vandalism is destroying activity. Things that could be destroyed are varied from physical things such as a wall, traffic sign, rolling-door, bus stop, painting, or ex-boyfriend's car. And also non-physical things such as writing or something. Still not just them, indeed.

Vandalism (noun): The act of deliberately destroying or damaging property - Merriam-Webster

What kind of destruction? Some people agree that thing is broke or destroyed but the others don't. Some who don't agree just think that those are okay, not already broke, still can be used, etc. 

Like what was on Marc Jacobs' mind, I guess. How could he sell T-Shirt showing his vandalized store for $686? Was he thought that his property just destroyed? or he just got a new idea? I think that he was not harmed by that little piece of painting. When Kidult sprayed "$686" graffiti on Marc Jacobs' store again. He made and sold products again and sold it for $686. He looks like doesn't get a problem with that graffiti. But I don't know, exactly.

Is that just show his concession? The not concession I think but how to react coolly. By the way about concession. If a vandal intends to do vandalism, he had prepared spray, wore a black mask, black hoodie, and then came to a compost-store. When he had done doing tagging then he ran. In the morning the store owner realized and act like nothing happened. That can't be called vandalism, I guess because the owner gives his concession.

The opposite is when an elementary kid doodled his neighbour's wall then the neighbour feels harmed by his action. Even though the kid didn't intend to do vandalism and doesn't know what vandalism is or his action is breaking the law. It could be vandalism because of his action technically deliberate. 

Now, poor the kid who doesn't know anything. Because the subjective of "destroy". The neighbour saw this and the kid didn't. "Your wall is still can be used sir, it ain't broke, I just made art" The kid tries to explain.
I think, without permission doesn't mean destroying.

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