Sunday, 19 March 2017

We were Born Naked

Be Yourself
Words that always lead me to questions What am I? Who am I? and also How am I?

We all already known that we all were born naked. In the beginning of life, we were powerless. Then our parents treated us, gave us foods, security, and also education, so we can grow and thrive.

In the development of ours, Nativism Theory said that something that touches our thrives is a heredity from our parents. In the other hand, Empiricism mentioned that we were born like a white paper. So our environment gives a big influence to our thrive. Convergence becomes a blend of them (Nativism and Empiricism).

So that, because there are things that could be influences to my life and formed myself now. that mentioned above questions come up.

Common sense that I have as a human being that had been influenced by a lot of things lead me to a consciousness that I could be anything that I want. In fact, I am what I want to be, my life is pretending.

Myself is something mutable and something that is free from any holds.

Between two options: become a withdrawn person or become a shameless person, in fact, I can be both of them. However, I have consciousness for freedom to decide to be something. When I chose to be a withdrawn person and I never do something shameful, I hold myself and put it to a freedom that is never free.

If I pretend myself to be a withdrawn person and once a time I did something shameful, people will say that I ain't be myself.

So what is the meaning of “Be Yourself” when our life is pretending?
Is it when we are naked and senseless?

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