Thursday, 29 June 2017

Couple in Movie I Love

I watched a movie titled Perahu Kertas in 2012. It is a movie telling a story of a girl named Kugy (Maudy Ayunda) who has a dream to be a storyteller. This is the first point that I like; a storyteller girl. Then, I like how she lives in their imagination about being a Neptune's agent, a God of freshwater. That is why this movie titled Perahu Kertas that means Paper Boat. She always writes down her feeling on a piece of paper, then makes it into a paper boat, then let it float.

Besides of her imagination and her habit doing writing of her feeling, I like how she behaves. She is not kind of grooming girl, her style is simple, and she always thinks not usual as the others.

Then, Kugy met Keenan (Adipati Dolken) an artist. At the time I watch the movie, I feel that Keenan is so me; to be honest. They're getting closer. Kugy gave her book of her story to him. And as an artist, Keenan undertakes to be the illustrator for the published book, in the future they planed.

Despite they don't have such kind of happy relationship along the movie: Kugy has a relationship with his boss in the place she works, in an advertisement office, Keenan has a relationship with a girl in Bali while he focusing on learning art there, I believe that they will be one. And yes, they're getting married in the end, in its sequel Perahu Kertas 2.

I love movie with character that, when I watch it and get understand its story, I will say "This is so me"

Kugy, who like to write stories and who behave unusual often crazy, is me. And also Keenan, who do love art, is also me. They two are something that I want to be (no, they are me). And because they are alive inside of me, I think I am going to love myself. Or.. to love myself that belong to another body. Maybe you.



  1. Thank you very much for sharing the movie review. Although I have not watched it yet but reading your review, I am feeling inspiring to watch this one move. Is it available on Youtube or any other website to watch?
    Emma Charlotte |

    1. Unfortunately it isn't available on Youtube. I watched by renting the DVD. But you could find it on illegal movie streaming website such as LK21. Lol :)