Saturday, 8 July 2017

Do I Make Pop Art? Yes I do

One day, I shared a pic of my room in my Instagram Stories. It shows my unfinished mural in two sides of my room. It shows a bomb flare trough the window and the other side shows a triangle pattern with the old Instagram interface with 3 blue-red-yellow-cats on its 3 posts. Something you have to know because it's so important, that I captured it while I laid on my bed. Then, one of my friends replied. In a simple way,  she said that it's good. And she wants it in her room. And.. No other information to give. 

Well, I just got something inside my mind that I had been being that colorful before now, I just think of (just) black. 

The story about how I love pop art is begun when someday I opened my Chrome and found it in the doodle celebrating Audrey Hepburn's birthday. I was stalking and found it she's so beautiful. I love her. Then I downloaded lots of her pics, watched her movies: I do love emm..  Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face, and.. Emm.. Paris when it Sizzles. Finally, I fall in love with Pop Art. 

Errr.. But I don't think so. Wait. I think it's begun when I started to listen to The Beatles and Elvis. When I began to love Rock N' Roll, Rockabilly, and silk pomaded hair. I imagined how beautiful is life in that decade. And because of that, I was starting to love Pop Art. 

I'm not sure how's the beginning, but I'm sure that I was interested in Pop Art since I was a child. Maybe when I was about 8 I watched TV and found something on the wall a digital painting that's so colorful. Then I know it's called WPAP. At that time I was amazed and just keep it on my mind "Oh that kind of Arts" And I think I was on my top of love when I was in High School. I made some Pop Arts.

I don't know exactly. And I think it's not so important to know how's the beginning I met the Pop Art. I just love it. Not because it's cool and mainstream. But because it's simple, emotive, close to the reality, and retro. Even though Pop Art not always has relation with something retro, ya, Pop Art today is the popular art of today, not 50's/60's.

I love Warhol's Monroe, the Campbells that's so iconic, and the Kapow!

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