Monday, 24 July 2017

Niqab Shouldn't be Banned

I don't believe that niqab is kind of oppression. I see lots of Moslem wear hot pants too. Niqab is a decision. And because of that, I don't agree in niqab banning. Couple of weeks ago I read a news about niqab banning in Belgium. And recently about Telegram banning in my country. That's why I decided to write my thought about that.

We don't accept in terrorism, stealing, or the other criminal acts. We fight against them, right? There are no guarantees that niqab-man will do that kind of criminal acts. In my country, terrorist wears a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. We fight the crime, not the fashion. We can't ban Nike shoes because they're so comfortable, so when the robber wears it, he could run fast and comfortably when the police chase him. That's not funny. Or when Telegram is banned because it has a safe encryption so terrorists use it to communicate. Well, that's so unfair. 

How about wears niqab in public? Well, people also wear sunglasses, hoodie, or medical-masker too. Do people care? Do people starring other people face? No. And when we are talking do we care about the face? No. We care about the message, the information. Except when I talk to a pretty girl, I will care about the face.

Again, we fight the crime. Don't let our doing irritate the other people right and other people freedom. Niqab is part of freedom of decision. Everybody has right to wear whatever she wants to wear. When we're talking about freedom, I think that everybody could do anything he wants, and be everything he wants. We know that there are kinds of woman that want to be bounded and get physically rough treated while having sex. Then why we feel so weird when we see that there is a woman wears all black cloth covered all her body?

By banning niqab, it can't decrease the criminal numbers. The thieves are still trying to cover their face, avoiding the cctv, and doing their act covertly.


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