Friday, 7 July 2017

Trying My New Pen Tablet

Today I just bought a new Pen Tablet. It's Wacom Intuos Comic. I've never been using pen tablet before, so it's my first pen tablet and my first time trying it. I had been making digital art, before now, usually by vector. I used to hold a mouse in my hand. And now I feel shocked.

In addition, I was using a new strange software I never met before. It's called Clip Studio. I used it because this software is bounded with the product.

So here is my first drawing made with my new pen tablet and a new software Clip Studio. Even though I miss the arm's joint, I feel it's not really bad. I love its rough sketch and the tobacco.

It shows a character that's so me. It's like a guy with Rock style, Emo personality, and Hip-Hop attitude. Hahaha, I'm just kidding. I neither Rock, Emo, nor Hip-hop.

Oh, ya. And one image of a guy with pink above is my second.

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