Monday, 4 September 2017

Isn't It Just Changing Perception from God's Perspective, Not Society's?

It's hard for me to tell this thought in English because of the case that has particular culture background which is Indonesian. It maybe hard for the readers to understand without having this background of knowledge. But let me try to tell you.

Let us begin with the fact that the trend of young-marriage here is pushed by the belief that having relationship before marriage is a haram, forbidden, or illegitimate thing. While it is stated by the Quran or Hadith. Till here, you know that I write about marriage in Islam. I have no problem with early-age marriage. I just worried that this will make a couple feels better or nobly higher than the other just because they are a halal couple.

I will not to try to generalizing, but I see some halal couples - by looking at their style, I know that they are a halal couple, even I will say "probably" too. If they are not a halal couple, it will be so messy - do things that non-halal couples do too. Such as, in public area, they're coupled walking side by side, arm and arm, and hand and hand. Or they're coupled having lunch in a food stalls and romantically talk. Can you imagine that?

And then what? I mean, they do what the other non-halal couples do too. So what's the difference? Just not doing sin as they believe. Whereas the society will still see that they're "making out" in public area. I wondered that, perhaps they will show others that their relationship is nobly higher than others'. Ultimately, indirectly, they agree that "making out" publicly is okay in case you're a halal couple and God bless you.

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