Friday, 1 December 2017

A Letter from My Grandma

November 6, my friend asked for a meeting. I said to meet for the next day. After I had finished my morning class, I waited for her in the library lobby. About 11.30 a.m she came. So, what's her intention for the meeting? Well, she's got a letter to deliver, and it's from my grandma. She wanted to give it to me. After I had the letter, I opened it. Here's the message:

Date: Sept 5, 2017
Dear, Adi N.

With respect: Di, I really have to write a letter to you, because I miss you. Di, if you have free times please go home for a while that I won't over-thought. Hopefully, you always do your pray, 5-times-praying, and do study hard. Don't waste your time. Fortunately, all of my sick ills has been healed; hopefully always healthy. I hope you always be well. Allah blesses you. I always pray for you. And If you got a call from me, please answer it even a word. 

I'm sorry, that's all, and thank you.
Mbah Kasno 

N.B: Di, do you still have cash? If you run out of it, please go home. Eat healthy food.

I don't know what's caused my Grandma to write and send me such a letter. She can easily call me, she has a phone. Even sometimes I didn't pick it up is just because I wasn't holding my phone, or I was sleeping. If I'm in the mood, and I think it's necessary to do, I will call her back.

But yeah, if she just calls me, I will not have such a story to write. That day when I opened the letter, my other friend knew it. She told me that a letter has something which could touch your heart deeper. It will express sympathy. Until I got the letter, I haven't gone home since the beginning of this semester. Finally, 17 days after I got the letter, I went home. I met her. She was so pampered.

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