Sunday, 28 January 2018

a Blog is Like a House, Otherwise it's a Dustbin

First time I made an email, I felt a magic. Like I have an address in the cloud, for everyone sent me a post. Then, when I made a blog, it's more magical. Like everyone can visit my house to see anything inside. A personal blog which is opened publicly, of course, different with a personal diary that everyone keeps it inside his desk slider. That such a blog no more become a domestic space for you to tell stories, but it went public; everyone can see.

When I knew that #fff means white, the magic lets me customize my own house; how it looks and so on. Here, I know that I must keep one of my cloud-house that, how far I had gone, I could come back. Just telling that I had a Plurk account even Friendster that I no longer been there. Why? Because those things are so limited.

For the analogy, HTML is like the material: sand, cement, and bricks, also paint. I have space and I can build anything there. But those things are just static spaces. I just can do specific things. While I can embed all my videos on youtube to my blog, or all of my tweets. Well, just like a house, a blog will always have a tendency about what it's going to be shown. Only if it's open to the public.

That's why different feeling needs different space, I guess. I have a tendency to build this space to be like that and another space to be like that, even to close to the public. If it's not the place everyone can see anything I frame they can see, I call it a dustbin. It's a place to throw shits away from my mind. Maybe you see that this post is such a shit, but it's a shit I let you see.

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