Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From Anthropocentric Humanism To Critical Posthuman in Digital Education

In 2017, an article of conversation between Sian Bayne and Petar Jandric was published by Addleton Academic Publisher in Knowledge Cultures journal; the title is From Anthropocentric Humanism To Critical Posthuman in Digital Education. They talked about posthumanism and the relation with human learning.

Bayne is the author of The Manifesto for teaching online (2016; as Digital Education Group). She is a professor of Digital Education, the background of hers includes English literature, digitization, museum heritage, and open education. They were talking not only based on The Manifesto but also referring to Prensky's Digital native, digital immigrant (2001).

They discussed that posthumanism is important as education should see the human as the transcendent observer of the world instead of entangled with it. They also talk about cyborg and the uncanniness of digital learning, the approach, and the digital experiences of social topologies distance of students. They see no more privilege to the on-campus learning while online can be better; they call it digital privilege.

Digital education implicates learning as we already know, as simple as, that artificial intelligence like Siri and Google Translate machine are widely used. Today we live in a cyberspace with the algorithm and its uncanniness that digital society is an inevitability.


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