Monday, 12 March 2018

Language, Literacy and Visual Texts

Sylvia Pantaleo from the University of Victoria, Canada wrote an article titled Language, Literacy and Visual Texts in 2015. It was published in English in Education Journal, 2015. This article tells us that the learning process will affect students' responses, understanding, interpretation, and analysis of images if the teacher focuses on visual design and composition.

Horst Waldemar Janson, a professor of art history and also known as the publisher of History of Art once said that art has been called a visual dialogue, for it expresses its creator’s imagination; and we need active participation. If we cannot literally talk to a work of art, we can at least learn how to respond to it. Arts focused on visual design and composition actually a text semiotically bringing meanings.

It finds that students need to be developed at their visual skills that they can analyze and interpret any communications with visual media. The understanding will help the students to face their examination, affect their comprehension, analysis, interpretation, and help to design.

This article gives more understanding of visual texts and semiotics. To ELT and other learning processes, it will help the teachers to build a learning media utilize the visual tools such as colours, line, point of view, typography, layout, framing and border, also speech bubble and balloons. Thus, the students (visual-based learners) can learn easier.

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