Sunday, 18 March 2018

Pop Division in an Activism

When I watched Nowhere Boy, I see just a rebel teen who wants to be as cool as Elvis. Elvis was well-known as a man broke the racial wall, but I think Lennon only loved him just because he was cool. Through time, Lennon changed; mature, and wise. He was no more obsessed with the coolness but consciously shout for peace. At the time after The Beatles, John Lennon became such an anti-war activist. 

The fact that pop artist may give some influences is interesting. How tough he refuses to be liked or loved for his values or idealism, he will face the fact that some of his fans only love him just because he is cool, cute, or something. Although the number of mass may be something precious. He can utilize them to move them into his values or idealism.

Anti-war, Woodstock 1969, and Flower child is such a nice branding of activism. That discourse of anti-war wouldn't be that huge if it's not included aestheticism and communities' experiences. Some people came because of the value, they already into it. But maybe, some of them just intended to get music vacation and weeds. If someone has a big affective into Jimmy Hendrix's music, he will learn his idol, goes into the body and the soul of his idol. Because it brings a value, they will, probably, plunge into it. 

The activist may already know this as a strategy to gather and move the people. Activism needs a pop division. Idea meaning nothing without mass. In order to build community, people outside the discourse need to be baited with something aesthetic and cool that the activism will be stronger with more people. Whether or not they go deep into the discourse, it's matterless, but education also important that it won't be valueless. 

This division not only works with the pop star in the music scene but also anything in the pop culture: visual arts, merchandises, anything. Some arts represent some activism value, for example, stencil and graffiti or maybe a collage work. It also works in merchandise like a style of fashion or graphic on a T-Shirt just to justify someone is a part of communities.

In addition, this kind of strategy works not only on non-profit activism but also political winning and advertisement of some products. It's cool I think.

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