Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Gender Neutral Language?

When my lecturer asked, "Why doctor usually be illustrated by a man, and cooking activity usually woman?" I directly remembered a discussion about the sexist of translation machine; for example, Google Translate: Click Here to Read. Then, I found an article titled The Use and Evolution of Gender-Neutral Language in an Intentional Community written by Jolane Flaningan. By looking at the title, I imagine that it will discuss something I told before, and also the solution; for example, as I know, the use of Mx. as a gender-neutral honorific: Click Here to Read

Today's problem, when most of the people considering to respect the diversity of personal values; including sexual and/or gender orientation, make it important to discuss gender-neutral language. In addition, this article was published in 2013, years before the amendment of LGBT+ marriage legalization in America; as the writer was from Rocky Mountain College, Montana, USA. 

By its title, of course, it focused on sexist language, culture, feminist identity, and neutral pronoun. It also gives a discussion about the use of "co" as a gender-neutral pronoun. Sometimes, I think that we need gender-neutral language (especially pronoun) to end up the awkwardness to greet someone, whether I should say, "He" or "She". It said that "Co means he, she, his, hers, him, and her."

I remember, after signed-up to Instagram, it asked whether I prefer to be called "He", "She", or "They" to show it in the notification. This article cited (Baron, 1986; Miller & Swift, 1977) about what it said "They" as a gender-neutral pronoun or the use of both: s/he or she or he. However, because it gives a discourse of the use of "co" pronoun, it mainly referred to Twin Oaks community, they who use it.

The references actually trustworthy, while unfortunately one of the important source titled Leaves of Twin Oaks (1971) was written by unknown. Despite that thing, It will easily help us as a reader to understand the use of "co" pronoun. It is simple actually. The problem is it is used by a small community, not the world. Farther is to bring it into reform strategies, for example political.

Overall, Woman and Language journal, the journal containing this, has a nice appearance. It different with the others flat-layouted paper. It has font-variation and space to put an emphasis. Love it!

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