Friday, 25 January 2019

It's Fun to Share Playlists

Days ago I made a play on my Instagram Stories. I asked my friends to give me six words and I will make a playlist on Spotify to them. So here they are:

1. First, before I asked for my friend's word, I had already made a playlist for one of my friends.

2. This is the first playlist based on my friend word. Actually, he gave nonsense words related to the stinky water flow and I just made it because of he's my neighbourhood friend, and I know his kind of singing.

3. He gave me the words: kemanusiaan, peradaban, sosial, kepercayaan, akal, bebas

4. I forget what words she gave me, but at this phase, I tried to make some jazzy and beautiful sounds.

5. I made it some pop musics I like to my 'gaga' friend. 1 easter egg.

6. I made it a playlist of 69's, black musician works, and some Britpops.

7. I gave her a playlist of romantic jazzy sounds I like.

8. He walks down the street alone, so I gave him the playlist.

9. What I think when I hear red lipstick, calming and drowning sounds.

10. She asked me some anarcho//feminist sounds, so here there.

11. Technos for a long night. You will get sleep after the dawn.

12. Something loud, jazzy, and reggae-ish. I recommend him Tim Timebomb and Friends.

13. Best K-Pop I know, so far.

14. Thank God for the good music!

It's fun to interact with friends on the internet, I learn to know my friends as well as me myself. At least I know that I have some friends that care about the play.

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