Sunday, 27 January 2019

My Best Indonesian Music Video

Recently I post about music. Now I think it's the time for me to share my best Indonesian Music Video. As always, I share it hoping that you will discover something that may be new. If you already agree, well we're a friend.

I make the list based on the music itself and the relation to the visual stuff to make it a whole artwork. Focus on the visual itself, I appreciate the most to the cinematography but not limited to the actor, the aura of the visual, the supportive sign, and external values. So here they are:

1. Dubyouth - Roots
Director: Yohanes Catur Nugroho & Heru Wahyono

We can give five stars to the mapping and the content of the mapped video. However, there's more thing to be appreciated that we can have experience of dark dub and jungle music in line with Jogja. To let the Becak and Jaranan dancer into the video is a means to tell the story about what we call as Roots.

2. Indische Party - Ingin Dekatmu
Director: Rita Yossy

I love this video because it's simply cute. We can enjoy the condition of longing, long distance relationship, and loneliness calmly. What makes it interesting is that the panorama totally out of my imagination about my visual experience of the city building or highway in Jakarta.

3. Ras Muhamad - Bambu Keras
Director: Erick EST

The video has fulfilled all of the requirement to make a good video. It's all about the desire of Ras and Erick. The synthesis from all of the visual form and the song already fit one whole work.

4. Kimokal - Under Your Spell
Director: Rizky Firdaus

One thing that I think the most important in this artwork is the actor's expression. All of the expressions then supported by the camera placement and the setting.

5. Stars and Rabbit - Man Upon The Hill
Director: Bona Palma

We agree about The House. However, this one is more, at least for me, satisfying. I start to think from symbolism and go further to recent visual art discourse and postmodern music,  so I will say "Okay" to why they make such a thing. There are too many things to be discussed. But I think, we can enjoy anything without a must to make it a sense.

6. Tulus - Ruang Sendiri
Director: Galih Mulya Nugraha

I will say the same as Kimokal - Under Your Spell.

7. Dialog Dini Hari - Tentang Rumahku
Director: Dadang Pranoto

I will say the same as Indische Party - Ingin Dekatmu, but it has a different story. The similarity is it's calming and cute.

8. The Working Class Symphony - Satu Jiwa
Director: Ryo Widagdo

I think it's the best video for football team anthem I know so far. It gives a feel of romantic. Every part of the team was involved and how to capture the moment is suitable, that's why it's best.

9. Endah N Rhesa - We
Director: Endah N Rhesa

One thing that makes this video succeeded is it has a lot and representative stock. We can appreciate the editor by simply put the slow motion to some footages. Same as before, it gives a feel of romantic, and humanist.

10. Shaggydog Feat. Iwa. K - Putra Nusantara
Director: Sidharta Tata

I love how they make the 'big' story simple. We can see all of the sign (even we need to have some kind of social experience) placed in the visual and that's what makes the work succeeded. Addition, it also gives more feel of Jogja; the other side of Jogja.


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