Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Significance of Art Exhibition

From the age of Plato to Leonardo to Picasso, people have acted differently responding arts. Yet, there is one key that remains same all time long, that art makes people think and act.

One day I went to a small art exhibition. I listen to every ‘speech’ the artist gave in the discussion session. All of them talk about their feeling and fidgetiness from personal to interpersonal. I never surprised at the way artist express their feeling through art making, because it is obviously the core. However, I spot on one important key to the discussion: How to overcome all of the problems the artists have. In a simple word: Yes, you got the problem and try to communicate it through your art, and after that, what?

I see it is important for humanity to always held an art exhibition. I will not talk about the way we get our needs of aesthetic, but further, to live as a human.

In an exhibition (a traditional one or a new era) artist let all kind of people with a different background in. At this time, the discourse of the art-making is given to the public. Here, I highlight that it is important to get all different people with a particular background to participate, not only one niche target. Why? To take care of the public discourse. If the artists can their story not only to their fellas but also to a stranger, how our society respond to the story will be varied.

I hate a contemporary art that it ends to the art itself. I think that it can go more than ceremonial stuff of exhibition and a fulfilling of people’s need for aestheticism (especially to take a pic with). That the problem given to the public should be continued for the sake of humanity. That's the significance of an art exhibition. Good art is an art with a strong background study so that the artist has a strong purpose why they do such a thing. Because of the strong background, the artist, at least, will have a way to overcome; not to say a solution, but another story that can lead the public to go with the arts. In other words, the public will think and act based on their experience.

And I think, it's the time for us (including me myself) to give more interest to this kind of situation. Don't you feel bored to see meaningless art in your phone gallery in front of which you take a picture with?

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