Wednesday, 19 June 2019

After Skills

I realized that it's getting easier to get something done nowadays, after technology. We can produce things, anything, like as easy as clicking one small button. It's also getting easier to learn things, anything, like a free teacher spreading around the net. One benefit from everybody's ability to produce things is that it's no longer exclusive.

However, because the production is getting too much, some of them will be valued less than the other, got less highlight from the other, and meaningless. For instance, we can find a lot of blog post, like this, around the internet but less have meaning for you. They just simply exists, just exist. But I don't really mind. It's the nature of things. We've got our own perspective.

Now, here I want to say that a thing can be more just a thing than you think. Let's say you are an advanced person to produce a thing or downgrade it just a person having the ability to produce something: poetry, prose, art, music, video, etc. If you think that your ability is special, then you're wrong. Millions of people on earth are you. Even I won't tell you how to be special and best, here, though.

It's not a guarantee to get more materiality related to what you do, but what I said make thing more than just a thing is that it's you who will give more value to the stuff. If you're a professional graphic designer, you know that your neighbour also has an ability to make a logo for his own company. However you know, and you can explain people, that you're different. This kind of expectation to understand that you're different and can explain people about it is what make your stuff, and you yourself, are valued more.

Your skill will bring you to an ability to do something just like other people does. Your something from other's perspective is just a thing. You don't need validation from people though, but you need to validate yourself. If you want it, you can always be confined by the stuff you produce. But you need to move and ask why I do this and what does it mean to me. Even your absurd pleasure is meaningful if you dig it why.

First advice from me is to get the exact definition of what you do. I will make something I do exactly know. Like I will call it blah and if it's treated this way it will be called yah, and so on. The second thing is that I know why this stuff exists in the world and why it matters at least for me. After that, I will find that there's another stuff besides this stuff and why it's happened. And the last is the history of blah and the interaction between yah and the other stuff surrounding.

Those things will make your stuff not only an object but also a process of meaning-making. After your skill to produce or do something, you will get more value philosophically (and academically), not only practically.

Bob Marley

Celebrating Bob Marley's birthday, 6 February.

The picture above seems only a fan art of Bob Marley for some people. It can give aesthetic and other pleasure and otherwise not. However, in a certain way, it's meaningful if we make meaning of it. People may do it, but while waiting for them, you make it first, like I did. If you ask me what does it mean and why I made it, we can be in an hour talking.

Finally, just give more value to what you do and what you make by simply appreciate it; you know how.

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