Kamu Harus Tanggung Jawab was a zine I created with my friend. It also comes together with my original sticker artworks The Pukon. It was continuous to the fifth edition that was published in 2020.


In 2018 I completed an old goal of printing books. This book is called POT, a storybook. I designed this story for half a year, and I worked on it for about a month along with the other stuff.

I wanted to make a book. But I wanted to make something more, like, what I thought at that time was Pot. I asked my friend to make a craft, while I was finishing my plan. I never thought to make music. But, in the process of writing, the story really into me, my life. I need some more modes to tell my story. So that's it! Then, as I talked to my friend, who made the craft, I put my interest in craft-making too.


A is a book of poetry written by my friend Priscilla Inez Gerard. In this book, I embed some of my visual works to accompany Inez's poems.

This year, my friends and I have also produced Zine which has been published in 4 editions. We call this Kandha. In this Zine we discuss a lot of social issues and human rights
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September 9, 2021

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