I started studying journalism in 2016 when I joined a journalism organization at my college. My first coverage at that time was an ethno music show: Bocah-Bocah Penghambur Gabah


this year I covered a lot of cultural arts activities, and in some cases, I also covered political events but in a cultural context and vice versa. Like one of my reports entitled Harus Berani Bernyanyi published in Majalah Kentingan 24/XXIII/2017 p. 40, I wrote about how songs can be used as a popular tool to mobilize the masses. Or, Matinya Petani Kami, a demonstration that I wrote from the point of view of a performance art


In 2018 I became the editor of a magazine that discussed the history and movement of cinema in the city of Solo. I also wrote a report entitled Geliat Apresiasi Film di Kota Solo.


When I was editor-in-chief, I also wrote several reports, including: Memedi Itu Berupa Bendera Partai, and Tentang Apresiasi Diri Bersama Seni. This year, Gaung Suara Minor, which discusses issues of minority and marginalized groups, was published. I wrote some editorial texts for this magazine.


This year I wrote several times, but it wasn't long before I went back to my hometown after college. Among the few writings that I have ever written is writing about traditional jamu from Solo.

September 9, 2021

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