My first encounter with the theater happened in 2013 with Teater Bimalukar. In August, a friend in my organization offered to get me involved in an overnight show project. I agreed and the first meeting of the personnel took place shortly after. The director, David Bujel, asked me to perform a monologue from his own script: Perjalanan Kubur (The Journey of the Grave).

Joined Teater Mega, at the end of the year, on New Year's Eve, I was again involved in a musical drama show. I played a supporting role in a show called Biarkan Aku Memilihmu; one of two shows that night. Instead of singing, I got the task of rap in front of an audience.


In May 2014, I played the antagonist in a show called Takdir (Destiny). Takdir is a script written by our Indonesian Literature Teacher, Pak Darno, and performed at the close of Festival Drama Akhir Tahun; an annual event.


I became a writer, director, and performer on the show Melangkah (Move On). Melangkah consists of five performances with the main dish of the musical drama of the same name. I wrote the script for the musical and became the director. In addition, I wrote three monologue scripts: "Baladaku Baladamu" played by Wulan, "......" played by Adhini Adha, and lastly, "Jerlap-Kerlip-Kerlip" which I played myself as a closing.

This was one of my best achievements in the theatrical production of that time. And this is the last show I've ever been involved in producing.

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September 9, 2021

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