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I started drawing at least since 2009 when I spent a lot of time in front of the computer. But at that time, I was still struggling with digital images. I became interested in fine art when I accidentally joined the painting club at school. At that time I started practicing my drawing skills.

In the early period, I was interested in the creation of portrait paintings. I am more interested in the medium of pencil on paper. With prior knowledge, I also create digital portraits.


This is the time when I started to feel unusual feelings. Emotionally, I was crushed by a lot of things that happened in life. During this period, my art changed drastically. I no longer make portraits. I started with various other mediums such as canvas and walls. It shows how my longing is expressed, how my feelings of denial are articulated, how my anger towards the world is poured out.


At this time, I began to look back on my teenage years and how I enjoyed the process of creating my art. I go back to seeing how I used to animate, and I go back to animation. I used to love making portraits and now I try to create characters that I can use to convey my feelings.

This is my acceptance stage

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September 9, 2021

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